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Divine Tao is New Thought Web about the Tao Te Ching enabling us to transcend past patterns to awaken potential manifesting success which is joy
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Divine Tao

There are 37 Tao Poems and 44 Te Poems
New Thought Te 64 - explores the nature of consciousness, quantum physics, the power of partnership and co-creation as opposed to domination

Tao # 64 / Consciousness


The egg is easier to grasp
than the flying bird
trouble is easier to avoid
when it is on the horizon
One may know the speed of an object
or know its location
the economy must serve the community
which includes the ecology

it is easy to disperse the crowd
while it is small
to handle a problem
before it is too far along

a single strand is easily broken
joined with others it becomes a cord
which can bind a single brittle shaft
to another and provide the lictor
with his fasces
just as the fractured family
filled with angry sisters & brothers
can join with one another
to become an unbreakable team
appearances are only what they seem

The Pōhutukawa grows beyond
the grasp of anyone
but it begins as a tiny shoot
till nourished by the sun
the rose and yellow blooms
remind us we are one
thus we touch the tree of life
when our lives are done

even the tallest skyscrapers
must have a foundation
even if they are rooted in the bedrock
work begins with a single shovel
Just as the journey
to the top of the mountain
starts with a single step

A master understands the wisdom
of restraint
appreciates the beauty of nature
teaches the people to refrain.

mining spoils the mountains
bottom trawls and longlines
destroy our sacred oceans
conscious ministry
means to value the ecosystems
not to exploit, not to abuse
Correct action is not found in exploitation
lasting development
is not found through destruction

Do not grab for diamonds
they are only stones
whose value is in false rarity
they come to your fingers
over a pile of broken bones
paid for by the blood of another's family

Conscious ministry is found in valuing life
learn what others neglect
so that in their darkness
you can be be a light
and lift them up to success

When you begin a project
have the end in mind
hold to the schedule
complete things on time

Conscious Ministry means
to abandon domination
to let go of exploitation
to progress to compassion
through partnership
with each other
with the Divine
with our Sacred Earth

Conscious Ministry
manifests real prosperity
helps the people to see the way

focus on the truth
teach compassion
demonstrate DivineUnity
this is the way

This is Conscious Ministry

  • Why is the egg easier to grasp than the flying bird?
  • Why is trouble easier to avoid when it is one the horizon?
  • Why can one know the speed of an object or its location but not both?
  • What is quantum physics?
  • How do quantum physics differ from macro-physics?
  • What is Heisenberg uncertainty principle?
  • What is a lictor?
  • What is a fasces?
  • What is fascism?
  • What is a Pōhutukawa?
  • What does it mean that we touch the tree of life when our lives are done?
  • What is "the wisdom of restraint"?
  • What are bottom trawls?
  • What is a longline?
  • Why is correct Action not found in exploitation?
  • Describe Conscious Ministry?


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