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There are 37 Tao Poems and 44 Te Poems
New Thought Te 57 - explores the law, complexity versus simplicity, the dangers of draconian law, the importance of fair laws and fair enforcement

Tao # 57 / Less is MORE


the noble society is rooted in law
simple thus strong
savage war is rooted in deception
complex thus effective
global victory is achieved through simplicity

How do we know this?
perhaps it is obvious

When the people are burdened
with complex rules and laws
they begin to feel worried
to hesitate and pause
while looking for the clause
hidden in the contract

the more intricate the instruments
it's more likely they'll malfunction
those more complex drug regimes
are simply dangerous prescriptions
the more draconian the laws
(the more constricting the laws)
the more people will break them
(the more people feel the need to be free of them)

The wise leader is aware
that the laws must be fair
then she has little need to say
things to help the people find their way

she cultivates tranquility
fostering fertility
thus the nations virility
manifests prosperity

she demonstrates contentment
thus averting resentment
then the people feel joyful
and life is simple

let the
raw block
reveal itself

tabula rasa

  • Why is the noble society rooted in law?
  • Why is savage war rooted in deception?
  • What is the hidden clause in the contract?
  • Why is simplicity better than complexity?
  • Why are complex drug regimes dangerous?
  • What is a contraindication?
  • What does draconian mean?
  • Where does the word come from?
  • Why is it wise for the laws to be fair?
  • How does fostering tranquility foster fertiilty?
  • What does it mean that Michaelangelo let the raw block reveal itself?
  • What is tabula rosa?


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